Ronnie Massey, Fantasy Fiction Author

“When you choose to create stories as more than a hobby and want to share them with the world, you’ve gotta make sure all your commas and such are in the right place. That’s where an editor comes in.

“Tori James of Soul Ink Literary Services has been a total godsend. I warned her ahead of time that she had her hands full when she took on my upcoming novel, Ascension: Wolves of Goose Creek. Not only did she make sure every T was crossed and all the commas, semicolons, and whatnot were in place, she also went far beyond a basic grammar check and pointed out more than a few issues that I needed to work on story-wise as far as overuse of some phrases and lines.

“The changes that she suggested were spot on, and at no point did I come across one and feel as if it would alter the tone of my story. Aside from enhancing the current story, the suggestions were lessons learned for future stories, and for that I am forever grateful. Anyone or anything that enhances my art is worth their/its weight in gold. Tori is definitely worth it.

“No matter how many times you read and re-read, you are going to miss something. I have put off going with an editor in the past, and I have gotten reamed for it in reviews. If you’re gonna take the time to create a new baby, you’ve gotta make sure you send it out with its best foot forward. Tori can make sure that it happens. I plan on having all of my future works gone over by her watchful eyes, and you should do the same.”

Ronnie Massey
Author of the Crimson Dawn, Black Moon Rising, Faeries, Fangs, and Fur, UnBound: The Nephilim Chronicles, and the upcoming fourth DarkWorld novel, Ascension: Wolves of Goose Creek.