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Eternity Philops, Literary Editor & Consultant.

Pink profileAll my life I’ve had a passion for two things: I’ve always loved to read and I’ve always loved to write. A bit of a loner in my childhood, I would often find new and interesting people to love and journey with in the vast and different worlds within each book I read. As an adult my love for books has grown into a soulful appreciation for the art of storytelling. Our cultures, our histories . . . the entirety of our being all live within the stories we tell about each other and about ourselves.

And we must tell our stories as beautifully as possible.

Writers have a natural propensity for words; that talent is, after all, what makes us writers. But even the most experienced and seasoned literary storyteller isn’t perfect at this craft. That’s where editors come in. Editors help writers hone and evolve their work so that they can present to the world the best of what they have to offer. My goal as your editor is to help you create the best writing you possibly can. I work attentively and thoroughly to catch the errors that you as the author–being too close to your work to catch every mistake–may have missed.

Skilled editing is both a corrective and a collaborative process that requires not only knowledge of the written word but also sensitivity to the writer’s meaning. As an independently published author myself, I understand this both professionally and personally. When I edit, I take a descriptive approach and honor your stylistic flexibility as an artist. I work to maintain the voice and energy of your work, and will not dilute it to simply fit what is “proper” and “standard.” Editorial changes in a manuscript are done with the intention of enhancing your words, and are ultimately up to you as the writer to accept.

Writing is a spiritual craft that takes a significant investment of time, energy, heart, and spirit. Soul Ink Literary Services is ready to make that same investment in you. You work hard to make your writing the best it can be. Let me help you make it even better!

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Educational Background:

Professional Certificate in Copyediting, 2016
Graduate Certificate in Women & Gender Studies, 2014
Microsoft Certified Professional, 2011
Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology & Sociology, 2005

Editing References & Style Guides:

The McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar & Usage, 2nd Edition
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary,
 11th Edition
The Chicago Manual of Style
, 16th Edition
The Copyeditor’s Handbook, 3rd Edition
Rules for Writers
, 3rd Edition
Elements of Style
, 3rd Edition

Writing Resources:

Garner’s Modern American Usage, Garner
The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing
, Kane
Self-Editing For Fiction Writers
, Browne & King
The Language of Fiction: A Writer’s Stylebook
, Shawver
Word Painting: A Guide for Writing More Descriptively
, McClanahan
The Creative Writer’s Style Guide: Rules & Advice for Writing Fiction & Creative Nonfiction, Leland