Genres of Interest

While I appreciate many forms of writing and storytelling, I take particular interest in the following genres and themes, with and without romantic elements:

  • Speculative Fiction
    • Sci-Fi
    • Fantasy
    • Afrofuturism
    • Alternative History
  • Queer Fiction
    • LGBTQ+ Romance
    • Coming Out/Self-Acceptance
    • Queer Identity Life Experiences
  • Multicultural Fiction
    • Urban/Contemporary Street Lit
    • People of Color Historical Perspectives
    • Black & African Diaspora Life Experiences
  • Creative Nonfiction
    • Autobiographies/Memoirs
    • Biographical Accounts
    • Transformational Narratives

This genre list is limited, but certainly not exclusive. If you do not see your genre or category listed, simply specify your type of content when you contact me.

In addition to fiction and creative nonfiction works, I also provide services for website content, blog posts, essays, articles, and other short documents.