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A beta reader is someone who reads your work in its early stages before publication and gives feedback on it from the perspective of your target readers. A beta read differs from an edit in that the focus isn’t on language technicalities like spell checking or grammar errors, and it doesn’t involve changing or correcting words, sentences, or passages. The primary responsibility of a beta reader is to pay attention to how your story flows and provide an unbiased assessment of your work’s readability to help improve its attractiveness to your target audience.

In addition to fiction and creative nonfiction manuscripts, I also provide beta reading services for website content, blog posts, essays, articles, formal papers, résumés, letters, and other short documents.


$.006 per word
(ex. 50,000 words x $.003 = $300)
$55 minimum fee

With a Beta Read & Critique, I do a thorough reading of your manuscript and provide detailed feedback on elements such as story structure, plot development, pacing, and characterization. I am attentive to the critical details of your work and make note of any plot holes, detail inconsistencies, and dialogue discrepancies; I also point out any significant areas regarding spelling and grammar that need improvement. I provide a comprehensive Beta Reader Report that includes an insightful assessment of each chapter/section as well as a constructive critique of the overall work.

A Beta Read & Critique is an ideal service for any level of writer who desires objective and honest feedback in order to improve a work before public release. While a Beta Read & Critique is not a replacement for full editing, it is a good option for authors with limited budgets who want a professional assessment of their work.

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